Powerhousecreatives contest| My hands hold the world, my magical and special world.

Our hands are an important part, they are the ones that squeeze to greet, those that support our children, they are those that carry out those activities that we are passionate about, they are the ones that are intertwined in a sign of love.

This time our friend @zord189 invites us to teach them, the hands that hold the world, but what is your world? What do your hands hold?

My hands support life, they are a support to realize and fulfill the goals we have as a family, my hands are the support to give security and they are those that reflect the feeling of my heart and soul when writing, they are the ones that create, they are the that feed, my hands support my family.

I love to see them united to the hands of my husband, in the same way I adore to hold the small and defenseless hands of my daughters, I love to see them make my creations and even more I like them when they receive a caress.

I am not one of those who do manicures, I rarely paint my nails with enamel, my work prevents it, since they are a reflection of the cleanliness and sanity that is delivered to the client, so only on holidays or days off a little Color to get out of the routine.

I take care of them, of course, frequent washing and wetting and above all love; Our hands reflect the concern that we may feel for those we love, that they look beautiful and healthy will always speak well of us.

I like to see my wrist adorned with a simple bracelet, something of color and a special touch, nothing expensive, I prefer the sentimental and handmade.

My special moment is to have my hands in flour to make that sweet dough, prepare cookies, cakes to delight my little ones and my sweet husband, my hands are pastry, well that’s how he tells me and seeing his faces smile when he tries to increase my love a thousand times more

On occasions when there is illness, there are my hands ready to attend, I give thanks that those occasions are the minimum since that concern no mother likes.

Before sleeping, I look at them after washing them, caressed them when drying them and I thank you for helping me to perform every action in my day to day.

And finally lying down and thinking I realize that my hands are those of a cook, seamstress, hairdresser, nurse, writer, laundress, pastry chef, mother, lover and wife.

And they know that I love that !!!!

All the photos are from my personal gallery, taken with Samsung galaxy J5 cell phone